Freight at terminal


DD&S Express knows what tools you need to make money.


  • No up-front sign on costs
  • Net over 75% of line haul
  • 100% fuel surcharge paid to truck

How you are paid:

  • Express Pay/Daily settlements available via EFS card
  • Transflo paperwork scanning available

Programs and services offered:

  • Lease/Purchase trailer program (no money down)
  • Competitive Fuel Discount Program with Smart Phone App to Find Lowest Prices – Save an Average of 65¢ Per Gallon
  • Plate program
  • Tire discount/financing program
  • Road Service/Breakdown program
  • Competitive Group Rates Available for Occupational Accident (Occ Acc), Physical Damage/Collision, and Non-Trucking (Bobtail) Liability Insurance
  • Safety bonus program

Services provided:

  • Physicals and drug tests paid
  • All UCR and IFTA permits furnished
  • All fuel taxes filed and paid by company

Ways to keep your revenue up:

  • Strong customer base.
  • Strong over the road lanes.
  • Network of more than 60 terminals to keep you loaded
  • Dedicated Driver Services Department

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